Martin Reiher

Managing Director

Martin believes that any idea is only ever as good as its execution. 

With more than 13 years of professional experience in advertisement and video production, Martin’s role at Meesta Production is to drive innovative storytelling concepts, as well as forming strong-armed partnerships around the globe.

His desire to push the boundaries in the evolving markets is proven by his strong work ethic and his never-ending curiosity to find a nuance, a detail in the picture, that might be still unrecognised.



Daniel Kriesl

Producer & Director

He is that guy who always has an idea. 

To constantly thrive, and to broaden his horizon is what drives Daniel Kriesl to become the best at his job as a creative producer and director.

He grew up in Germany with a passion for skateboarding and the arts. Like a sponge, he absorbs everything in his world and distills the essence of it to shape his vision as a film-maker. Always on the run, Daniel has been traveling the world helping top brands bringing their stories to life. 


Reinhard Sebastian Tromm

Copywriter & Creative Strategist

Reinhard Sebastian Tromm is a copywriter, journalist, and creative strategy consultant. 
Basically, this means: He thinks, writes and talks. 
He started his career as an editor at Playboy Magazine and Hubert Burda Media in Germany.
Writing articles and short stories for print, Social Media, and websites, he gained a lot of experience in how storytelling can reposition a brand successfully. 


Lee Deaville

Producer & Director

When Lee's not busy getting square eyes by watching, writing, shooting and cutting, you'll find him out running in London, ruminating on Brutalism or at the match on a Saturday.

At home in a number of ever-shifting editorial, organisational and practical roles across the production process, his talents all pertain to being a creative storyteller. 
Call him producer, writer, editor, whatever - Lee develops stuff for TV, creates content for brands and makes films for fun.