Consistency is Key

Today, I would like to lose a word or two on explaining our company’s tag-line:

Consistency is Key.

If you do something often enough, a ratio will appear, Jim Rohn said. This ratio gives us a clearer understanding of who we are dealing with, as we are trying to navigate our ways through social life with endless opportunities. It’s consistency in what you are doing that eventually earns people’s trust, and makes them understand who you are and what you believe in. Those principles apply to the digital world just as well. 

Social Media has given everyone a microphone – and now what?


In a crowded and noisy market place, just being louder than everyone else, we at Meesta believe, is not going to do the job. That’s why we have seen traditional advertisers struggling over the past years. In terms of content marketing, what impact can one single video still have? And how long will it last? What do people remember? 

For us, consistency has two implications; one, being reliable in everything that we do - Always show up on time and deliver at the high standards we set for ourselves - Two, helping our customers to get their message out in the long run, to build trust and loyalty with their audience. 

 We believe that we do it well, and we surely do it often enough – consistency is key.  

// Martin Reiher

Grand Hyatt Film Shoot

We were shooting with Grand Hyatt Singapore this week. The mission was to create a film that communicates brand values, as well as destination characteristics. The result will be one longer main film, accompanied by short versions for social media. Our film itself is built around two characters who experience Grand Hyatt and its location in Orchard Road in fundamentally different ways. Nevertheless, both characters find themselves completely absorbed in the ‘Grand Hyatt experience’, as they create moments and memories of their own. 

Our film, directed by Shoki Lin, is featuring Amber Van Twest whose wonderful charms and looks made the story personal and believable.

Many Thanks to Grand Hyatt and everyone on the team for those amazing two days of shooting. 

// Martin Reiher

WiT 2018 Recap - Sound Travels

It was fantastic to be part of this year’s Web in Travel (WiT) conference! 

I learnt a lot about the current pain- and passion points all around hospitality and travel. The discussions and debates were exciting to follow, and I sometimes wasn’t sure which side to take.  The most dominating subject seems to be how technology can disrupt the booking experience, as well as personalise the customer journey. I believe that soon, Ai will provide outstanding tools to deliver unique content, tailored to the smallest unit of an audience – the individual.  Maybe not as spectacular as in Spielberg’s Minority Report (2002) but surely in a way that is unfathomable today.

I’m excited to see how things will develop. I’m convinced that more video and audio content will be needed in the future. But in order to break through the crazy noise out there it won’t be enough to just be ‘louder’. In fact, maybe advertisement will completely give way to the more appealing concept of ‘branded content’. 

As a speaker at the conference I was honoured to share our ideas on story-telling in today’s business world. Something new, something fresh hopefully. Please enjoy our journey to Barcelona’s Alma Hotel, and how we discovered its elegance and beauty through sound and music. 

Thanks to our creative head, Daniel Kriesl for directing the film (see the link)

// Martin Reiher


No chance for olives and pickles!

Most kids hate olives and pickles - I did. But now I love them! 

 The process took me a good 20-something years before I could even convince myself to 'try one more time'. 

If someone had collected data to evaluate the necessity of olives and pickles in my childhood, the result would have been gloomy: No chance for them! 

There is nothing wrong with data, and the attempt to make qualified decisions. But if you make all choices based on the information you have collected, you will always make choices based on the past, overlooking what's left, right, ahead, below, above, underneath, inside, behind or beyond. 

But that's where the magic is hidden! 

 Arguably, developers are working on smarter programs and algorithms to solve that problem. The point is though, human interactions and emotions are, by-and-large, a matter of guess-work and not data. Doesn't matter how many variables you know; Inspiration and motivation derive from the unexpected. 

Human learning does not equal machine learning! 

 So keep investing in things you don't like at first. Keep searching for the random. Maybe they will grow on you and broaden your horizon eventually. 

Be brave, and give olives and pickles a chance, for you might not be able to foresee how relevant they will become.

// Martin Reiher