Consistency is Key

Today, I would like to lose a word or two on explaining our company’s tag-line:

Consistency is Key.

If you do something often enough, a ratio will appear, Jim Rohn said. This ratio gives us a clearer understanding of who we are dealing with, as we are trying to navigate our ways through social life with endless opportunities. It’s consistency in what you are doing that eventually earns people’s trust, and makes them understand who you are and what you believe in. Those principles apply to the digital world just as well. 

Social Media has given everyone a microphone – and now what?


In a crowded and noisy market place, just being louder than everyone else, we at Meesta believe, is not going to do the job. That’s why we have seen traditional advertisers struggling over the past years. In terms of content marketing, what impact can one single video still have? And how long will it last? What do people remember? 

For us, consistency has two implications; one, being reliable in everything that we do - Always show up on time and deliver at the high standards we set for ourselves - Two, helping our customers to get their message out in the long run, to build trust and loyalty with their audience. 

 We believe that we do it well, and we surely do it often enough – consistency is key.  

// Martin Reiher